We hope everyone had a great Father’s Day weekend! It’s hard to believe next week begins July 1 and with that, we’re getting close to being halfway through summer. Whether it’s this summer or next, if you’re thinking about taking your family on a trip somewhere or planning a family reunion, you should look into bringing your loved ones to Ocracoke. We love Ocracoke so much and have to take a brief second to brag as Ocracoke was recently named #4 beach on the East Coast by USA Today readers. Our Outer Banks island has so much to offer, and we want your family to enjoy it as much as we do.


As we had mentioned in last week’s post, we thought this week we would share some of the common questions we get asked about renting the Berkley for a family stay. If renting the Berkley is something you or someone you know is interested in, please continue reading or refer to our Vacation Rental By Owner site at https://www.vrbo.com/515280.


Q: What is the minimum night stay and what are your rates?

A: In order to rent the Berkley Manor, we do require a three-night minimum. Many times groups reserve the house for an entire week, but at least three nights is required for a reservation. As for rates, we do have established rates that range depending on the season. The rates per night/week throughout the seasons are available on the VRBO site. Please give us a call or email, and we’ll be happy to provide a quote.


Q: What accommodations are included with our rental?

A: In addition to the room accommodations below, we also offer an in-house catering menu. This addition is optional and does include an extra fee, but we promise the menu items are worth it. Plus, it makes your vacation even easier when you don’t have to lift a finger!


The Berkley can sleep up to 18 guests. Room accommodations include:

  • two family style rooms with two twin beds, one full bed, and full private bath
  • one master bedroom with one king bed, Jacuzzi tub + full private bath
  • one queen suite with two queen beds, Jacuzzi tub + full private bath
  • one suite bedroom containing a single queen bed, queen size pullout sofa, full bathroom, private patio entrance and tv


Q: What is needed in order to make a reservation?

A: Once you are ready to confirm your reservations on the calendar, we need two items from you. First, we need a $500 deposit. This deposit will be refunded if no damage is done to the house after you check out. Full payment is required two weeks prior to your check-in date. Second, we also required a signed rental agreement. The agreement lays out the expectations and lists the policies in the event of unforeseen circumstances. As always, please feel free to ask any questions, and we’ll be happy to answer them for you.


Q: Where is the Berkley located in proximity to the rest of the island?

A: The Berkley is located on Water Plant Road. It is right across the street from the Cedar Island and Swan Quarter ferries, which makes travel convenient, and has a beautiful look over Silver Lake. Many of the popular restaurants and shops are within walking minutes, and the beach accesses are about a five-minute drive.


Q: What is there to do once we’re on Ocracoke?

A: The real question is, what isn’t there to do on Ocracoke?! Ocracoke has something for everyone whether you’re a historical enthusiast, outdoor adventure lover, or shopaholic. For the history fans in the family, we have the Ocracoke lighthouse, Ocracoke Preservation Museum, British Cemetary, Visitor’s Center, and Portsmouth Island. For those who love to experience the outdoors, Ocraocke features offshore fishing charters, parasailing, kayaking and canoeing, Hammock Hills Nature Trails, boat tours, and obviously the beach. And of course if history or the outdoors don’t catch your fancy, feel free to check out all the local shops, including art galleries, intricate finds, antiques and carvings, clothes and souveneirs. Did we even mention all the outstanding restaurants?! We promise you, you won’t go home bored or hungry! From all our experiences, you’ll have stories to share and lasting memories.


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