Event FAQ’s and Policies

Berkley Experience Event FAQ’s and Policies

Berkley Kitchen and Food Policy:

In-House Catering: The Berkley is proud to offer, in partnership with Zillies Island Pantry, a 5-star in-house event catering service. With years of experience in the restaurant and catering business, Chef Chris Johnson along with expertise from David Bundy provide exquisite dining options for your event guests. Whether you are looking for a casual event with heavy hors d’oeuvres stations or a more formal plated and seated dinner, the team from Zillies can deliver.

Outside catering: If an outside caterer is selected for an event, an additional fee will apply. There are two different fees depending on the caterer you choose. The first difference is if the caterer is self-sustaining, and does not need to use the Berkley kitchen at all. The second is if they intend to use the Berkley kitchen for preparing the meal. Please note that if you use our in- house catering service, no additional fees apply.

  1. Not using kitchen, but using dinnerware, drink ware, silverware – $300
  2. Using kitchen and using dinnerware, drink ware, silverware – $1000

We also require that anyone catering an event at the Berkley must have an A restaurant inspection from the state of NC. After using the kitchen, the caterer is responsible for cleaning the Berkley kitchen, and the signee of this agreement is responsible for any damaged or missing equipment.

Alcoholic Beverage Policy:

Zillies is the exclusive bartending and alcohol service used at Berkley events. If you choose our all-inclusive OcracokeStyle package, you purchase beer and wine through Zillies on a consumption basis, and bartending services are included. Our base package provides a bartender for 5 hours. This typically includes a 1-hour cocktail hour and 4 hour reception.

Accommodations Details:

When you book accommodations with the Berkley, you have two options. The first is that you pay for the accommodations add-on, and simply provide the accommodations to your family/guests free of charge.

But what if you want to provide the high quality accommodations options to your guests, but don’t want to be financially responsible for your “friends” rooms? We certainly don’t want to put you in the awkward situation of having to ask them to reimburse you. That’s why we are happy to provide a “block booking” option for couples that book both the Manor and Suites for their guests.

  • What is this: This option allows you to provide high quality accommodations options to your guests, without having to bear the financial burden of housing them.
  • How it works: When you book the Berkley as your venue, you add the Manor and Suites to your rental as add-ons, with the “block booking” option. That will give you all 11 rooms. We will not invoice you for the rooms at that point. You can then tell your guests you have secured a “block” of rooms at the Berkley, and have them call the Berkley directly to book and pay for their room. We will give guests 6 months from the time of booking to call and reserve the rooms. At the end of the 6 months, any remaining rooms not booked will be invoiced to the bride and groom. Please note: We will add a $5 per night booking fee to guest’s room charges when they call to book. This covers the extra time it takes to book individually.

Adjustments to event size and headcount deadlines:

  • Any event size category changes can be made up to 6 months prior to your event. After the 6-month deadline, no discounts will be given if your event ends up in a smaller category that what you have booked. Should your guest count exceed the category you have booked, the appropriate surcharge will be added to your total due.
  • A final headcount to be used for ceremony seating, catering, table layout, etc… must be provided at least 30 days prior to your event.

Refunds and Cancellation:

In the event of cancelation by the renter, refunds of monies paid are at the sole discretion of Berkley management. As a general policy, no refunds are given for cancellations within 30 days of your event day. In the event of cancellation before 30 days out, refunds will be provided if the facility can be re-rented for an equal or greater value. If the facility is re-rented and refund given, a $300 re-booking fee will be assessed.

Weather related cancellations: If an evacuation is in place for Ocracoke Island for the date of your event, we will work with you to reschedule your event to a future date. Refunds for cancellations are not provided. If you think you may want the option of cancelling in the event of a weather situation, we STRONGLY encourage you to purchase trip insurance for your rental.