Turning Heads

As every bride in the South knows, a wedding can’t be complete without a fabulous hair do and an exquisite makeover. Fortunately for all ladies, gentlemen, bridal parties and family members, you’re in luck. Little ‘ole Ocracoke has fantastic beauticians to have you prepared and looking flawless on your special day. Susie Hutchinson of Halo Hair has you covered for all your wedding day needs. Susie is a new local and opened up shop in 2012. Even though the salon is fairly new, Susie is no beginner on cutting and styling hair, and the shop is unlike any other. Halo Hair is the perfect fit for all personalities. It features products that are organic, vegan, and professional. In fact, you can drive up and down the Outer Banks and find no other place because Halo Hair is the only Organic Salon on the islands! With the help of Coreen Tortorice, these ladies can complete your hair, make up, and even nails! If you want to look absolutely stunning on your big day, give them a call at 252-308-2351 or check them out on Facebook at Halo Hair Studio Organic Salon. We promise you’ll love their expertise, and if you don’t believe us, check out their reviews. They speak for themselves. Halo Hair is located on Sand Dollar Road.